DJ Dee Money Presents DA GRIN Tribute Remix

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One of Nigeria’s highly gifted/ talented DJs, DJ Dee Money does an excellent tribute to DA GRIN in his ‘DA GRIN  Tribute Remix.’ Download the tribute here.


  1. hey i cant forget about this guy is music which he sang with general pipy is always singing to my heads always i fill like just doing some thing silly to my self you know why i have seen him before we have spoke together is so humble quiet share his mind u can come come to the luth at the comsa u can ask people there we talk there work together laught but now is gone i AKA ALAKOMEJI DANILE MOKO WILL ALWAYS MISS YOU DAGRIN REST IN PEACE AND AGAIN ON BEHALF OF THE MABO STREET AND THE MABO FAMILY DAGRIN WE SAY REST IN PEACE OLENU BII IBOOPOPOPPPOPOPOPOOPOPOPOPO

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