STEP INTO YOUR GREATNESS WITH MS.UDUAKHey fellow fashion models! How are you doing? Welcome to Ladybrille®Nigeria, a part of Ladybrille Media. This platform was launched in 2009 and initially focused on just Nigeria’s fashion industry. Today, with your help, I am focused on making it the leading and all inclusive resource on the business of fashion modeling  just for you.

Why? Let’s just say it became obvious I needed to create  a playground just for us by us.  A place where we could let our hair down and talk model news, the business of modeling, and the unique industry issues that we as models face i.e. the shenanigans of castings, the frenzy during fashion week shows, dealing with employment and labor issues (underpaid wages, sexual harassment, use of underage/child models, race and gender discrimination), our health i.e. eating disorders and more. As you know, too often, we as fashion models take a back seat when it comes to our importance in the fashion industry, yet we are an integral part of the industry. I am hoping this platform makes a difference and that you take advantage of the resources shared and of course share yours because as the saying goes, “sharing is caring.”

Again welcome. Take a look around, make yourself comfortable and I hope you visit again, and again and tell our fellow industry colleagues about the site. If you need to reach me directly or want to share stories of model professionals in the industry behaving badly, send an email to (

Warmest regards,
Ms. Uduak