From Housewife of 4 kids to Hot Mama, Style ME Season 3, Episode 5

Anthonia NdubuisiAnthonia Ndubuisi is a thirty-nine year old housewife and mother of four kids. After all the hard work playing wife and mommy, Anthonia has simply given up on self and style. Sounds like a familiar story for a lot of moms out there. It is so bad Anthonia’s kids think Mommy needs a serious makeover!

Style ME to the Rescue! The task? Transform Anthonia into a hot vibrant, independent MAMA who feels good about herself! Thankfully for this makeover, Anthonia had an ally in Style ME Host Isioma, a mother of four herself who could totally relate.

Borrowing the words of Peter Ishkhans ‘Change your image, change your life,’ Isioma and Zainab got straight to work and yes indeed Anthonia is transformed from Housewife of four kids to hot mama! Check on it!