Police Officer, Veronica Akpa, gets Styled on Style Me 3, Episode 7

Police woman Veronica Akpa is so used to initiating a stop, asking questions, arresting/handcuffing offending citizens and whisking them off to jail. This time, the tables are turned on her thanks to Style Me.

“Madam Officer, you have the right to look HOT and sexy! Anything wey you wear before you reach STYLE ME will be used against you in Style Me Court. You have a right to a STYLE ME advocate. If you can’t afford one, TWO, Isioma Onochie Aihie and Wana Udobang, will be provided for you!”

Oya! Off you go, handcuffed, to STYLE ME court to get a much needed style, one that will put a big smile on yout ‘poor’ husband’s face.

Veronica 2

Style ME Episode 7
Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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  1. Amaete Umanah says:

    What a serious transformation. She looks good.

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