‘Sexy Comes Back’ as Style Convict Gets Makeover With Style Me 3, Episode 8

As a lady, when hanging with the ‘fellas’ sometimes the line becomes blurry and it is easy to think you ARE one of the ‘fellas.’ NOT SO! Embrace your femininity, you will LOVE it. That is essentially what Style Me Team of Wana Udobang and Isioma Aihie set out to do with convicted style victim Maureen Igwe.

Igwe a “brick” shaped 30 year old is in a field dominated by male testosterones. She is an electrical engineer. It doesn’t help that Igwe grew up mostly with lots of male friends and male siblings. STYLE ME to the rescue bringing the sexy back, Justin Timberlake style, into Igwe’s life. Okay! so Justin’s hit song ‘Sexy Back’ is old but looking sexy is always in style and that is exactly what the Style Me team does when they are through with Igwe!

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

~by LadybrilleNigeria Staff
~Courtesy Photo