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Tomboy Gets Transformed to Supermodel, Style Me Season 3-Episode 6

Twenty-four year old Josephine Adegor, Project Management Trainee, is a “hot mess” when it comes to style. With hair that is nothing short of “jagajaga” to clothes copied from others which do nothing to accentuate her shape, it is indeed a fashion emergency!

A self proclaimed ‘tomboy,’ it only made sense STYLE Me do something, fast! Style ME to the rescue transforming this tomboy hot mess into a supermodel! Who knew Josephine had such hot legs? Can you say, “Supermodel work, work it girl!”

Also enjoy the seamless/balanced energy between the two hosts, Isioma and Wana.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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  1. gg7u says:

    aweh i wanna fuck her trolleco spameh

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