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Nigerian Designers Rally for Haiti?

The world has been rallying for Haiti and the world’s fashion industry from apparel to footwear companies are raising monies and calling on many to raise funds for Haitians. Nigeria’s fashion industry, in contrast, has been quiet. It would be nice to see Nigerian designers rally for Haiti. Leading designers like MOMO, Deola Sagoe, Tiffany Amber, Jewel by Lisa and so many more can converge for fabulous sales and great times with proceeds benefitting Haiti. Nigerian Designers for Haiti, anyone?

~Uduak Oduok
~Photo Kristian Dowling/Getty Images

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  1. hmmm says:

    Have Nigerian Designers rallied themselves together to protest anything in their country? The answer, I’m afraid, is no. At least to the best of my knowledge. Keeping their brands alive with the ills of power failure and co. takes some doing. Nonetheless, it would be great to see them help Haiti in her darkest hour yet. We wait and see.

  2. buy r4i says:

    I think Nigeria’s fashion industry is doing good cause for Haiti.Now there is require good fund to help Haiti.Every body are doing help in every possible ways.Thanks for this good post.

  3. mary mae williams says:

    Love this dress!

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