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The Anatomy of Yemi Osunkoya’s Winning Dress at MNET Face of Africa FINALE, Nigeria

Designer Yemi Osunkoya of Kosibah walks us through the anatomy and creation of the couture Kosibah gown for Lukando Nalungwe, 2010 winner of the Face of Africa model competition held at the Eko Hotel in Lagos. The gown has now been dubbed  the Face of Africa 2010 “Winning Gown.”

1. Piece of cut Woodin fabric about to be embellished with Swarovski diamante stones.

2. How 4,320 diamante stones were applied one by one to the gown

3. The process of draping the skirt. Pinned in place, then stitched down by hand at every point with a pin.

4. Draping the upper bodice of the gown on the stand.

5. The fabric ‘petals’ of the roses before are made into proper roses.

6. Creating the roses

7. The roses in various sizes completed

8. Stitching the roses into the gown

9. Upper bodice of the gown

10. Skirt of the gown

11. The gown before completion

12. The gown after completion

13. Fitting Lukundo ( meeting her for the first time) on Monday 2nd February.

14. Two very happy and relieved people, because the dress fit like a glove.

~Words by Yemi Osunkoya
~Courtesy Photos

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