NEW VIDEO: Asa ‘Be My Man’

“Discover ASA’s uplifting rock-tinged single with hints of 1960s soul : “BE MY MAN” official music video

From new album : Beautiful Imperfection, set to release from October 25 in continental Europe (naïve)

Directed by Raphaël Frydman – Produced by Partizan / naïve ISRC: FR 13 A 10 0022 – 0

Record now available on digital in France. CD out in stores from October 25th.

Stay tuned :


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  1. Charles Udeh says:

    Awesome Video….I loved the song on hearing it. Am happy she left no trace of the old album on this one(like some artist’s will do e.g timaya…his songs are always similar). Same Voice(she did some extra ordinary waverings with her voice towards the end of the song…..super cool) Asa way to go love.

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