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STATE OF EMERGENCY: Fela Durotoye Calls for 1 Million Volunteers to Save Nigeria’s Schools!

SHOCKING AND APPALLING STATISTICS! “By 2006 87% of children that sat for NECO and WAEC exams failed. By 2007 it had grown to 89%. Well, the last results that just came out, for the first time in Nigeria, 98% of the children failed math and English. 98% of every hundred children that sat for the exams that had dreams of becoming something, only two of them passed. This is a nation that the official language is in English, it is not Pidgin English; and 98% of our children could not pass that language.How can we build managers of the future if the future cannot read and write? You’ve got dreams of companies you want to own, those great multinationals. Well tell me where are you going to get your staff from if 98 of every 100 children you will need to hire cannot pass? Don’t you understand? Where are you going to get your customers from when the average income of the people that will need to be your customers will probably be between 0 and 25,000 Naira? Why do I say so? The more you learn, the more your earn. . . .” ~Fela Durotoye

As one who loves education and hope to end my career in the classroom as a professor inspiring and teaching the young minds of tomorrow, these statistics trouble me, deeply. Nigeria gave me the best education ever. By fifteen (15) I finished high school in the USA, having spent most of my educational upbringing in Nigeria. By nineteen (19+) I completed University and four years later finished law school. The foundation for success in both Nigeria and US school systems was a brilliant education in Nigeria’s schools with outstanding, albeit very strict, teachers and school system. Nigeria’s academia, at the time, when compared to the US was simply unmatched. To think it is now in such deplorable condition makes me shudder.

Watch the video head on to Project Raise, RAISE 1 MILLION and let’s all join hands with Fela Durotoye and do our part to REVIVE ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE IN OUR SCHOOLS AND EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS. I intend to do mine.

~Uduak Oduok, Esq.
Editorial Director

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