Do Really Dark Skin Women Need Blush?

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Do really dark skin women need blush? This is a really awkward question isn’t it? But, I have been wondering about this question of late. Hear me out. For much darker skin Nigerian/black women, ladies, have you ever been in a situation where you are speaking with a guy you like, he says something that makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside and while you are enjoying the feeling, he says, “It looks like you’re blushing?” I have. When I would get that, I used to think, “I’m so dark, there is no way I blush?”

Now, I know that darker skinned women do blush, although I have no idea what color shows up on our cheeks when we do. This brings me to my real question. If dark skin is so much darker than other skin shades, why do darker skin women tend to use the same blush shades of red and pinks that lighter skin women do on their cheeks?

Is it any wonder we get comments on how ridiculous we look when we do so?

-Priscilla Bamfo
-Photocredit: Ajak Deng for Arise Magazine


  1. I don’t know about whether we “need” to do so – I don’t think there’s any reason NOT to for those who enjoy the rituals and results of makeup.

    I DO NOT believe we look ridiculous merely because of dark skin + reddish powder on cheeks.

    I DO believe that there is a learning curve to choosing the right colors, matching makeup to occasion and clothing and learning the best ways to apply it.

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