Shoe Business will Thrive in Nigeria says Canada’s Tal Dehtiar

“He is a model for the youth in entrepreneurship. Famous globally for his footwears, Tai Dehtiar, the award-winning Canadian entrepreneur and a recipient of the Ontario Global Trade Award, has carved a niche for his business through the Oliberte footwear.

He addressed young Nigeria entrepreneurs at a forum organised by the Canadian High Commission, in collaboration with the Nigerian Economic Summit Group (NESG).

As a young business owner, Dehtiar is proud of what he has been able to accomplish in Canada and abroad.

He told young entrepreneurs to explore the idea of manufacturing local shoes for the Nigerian market.

The market for shoes, he explained, is so large, considering the nation’s growing population.

To succeed, Dehtiar advised the entrepreneurs to focus on producing high-quality products that are able to compete with other companies vying for market share and consumers’ attention.

In the market, the quality, attributes and brand of the product, he said, should be able to stand on its own merit. . .” The Nation has the full story.

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