Connecting Nigeria’s Fashion Industry

Ladybrille®Nigeria is the first ever industry magazine connecting Nigerian fashion professionals worldwide. Our goals are:

  • To become Nigeria’s Fashion Industry Bible.
  • To shift the mindset of fashion in Nigeria from cultural to both cultural AND business experience.
  • To celebrate the achievements and applaud excellence by Nigerian fashion professionals worldwide
  • To be the platform for Nigerian fashion professionals to network, find resources and engage in commerce both on and offline.
  • To be the go to source for investors looking to invest in Nigeria’s apparel textile industries.
  • To inform and educate on the business of fashion
  • To inspire and help drive public policy for positive changes in Nigeria’s fashion industry
  • To inspire future Nigerian fashion professionals, especially girls, who want to pursue fashion to dream, believe and achieve it!

Why LadybrilleNigeria . . .Why Now?
The obvious and quick answer is in a country of over 140million, while there exists numerous online and print fashion lifestyle publications, there simply is no fashion industry magazine.

While Nigeria is experiencing unprecedented growth in its creative industries: Nollywood (the second largest film industry in the world after Bollywood continues to gain momentum) and music industry, its fashion industry continues to lag. With a global apparel industry that according to the Data Monitor Apparel Global Retail Guide grossed in 2008 over $800 billion, this is simply unacceptable.

Nigeria’s design industry while seemingly rejuvenated nevertheless suffers deep fragmentation from the beginning to the end of its value chain. Ladybrille®Nigeria is the connecting thread for the industry, connecting Nigeria’s fashion professionals worldwide to help put an end to the status quo. We provide intelligent and brilliant coverage of fashion events, fashion shows, retail, business of fashion, trade laws, global fashion, financial news, profiles and interviews on Nigeria’s top fashion personalities and much more!

Ladybrille®Nigeria Reader

The Ladybrille®Nigeria reader includes:  fabric manufacturers, designers, models, stylists, fashion educators, fashion schools, fashion students, fashion organizations, PR/marketing professionals, magazine editors, writers, investors and buyers. The Ladybrille reader is:

  • a lover of Nigerian fashion
  • wants to enrich knowledge of Nigeria’s fashion industry
  • seeks to network with like minded professionals
  • seeks to be intelligently informed on Nigeria’s fashion industry
  • wants to promote fashion work
  • wants to know about careers in Nigeria’s fashion industry

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